New York City Marathon 2015 Race Recap

NYC Marathon
Months of training and prep have come and gone, all for this one special day! Here’s a little recap of the 2015 NYC Marathon.
I had such a great marathon run in 2013, I went into this one hoping to feel as great as I did then. I worked my butt off training for 2013 and my run felt fantastic and I was happy every step of the way, with no issues, so I mentally prepared for the same situation. That wasn’t the case.
My goal for this race was to run in between a 3:45 and a 4:00 time… the faster being if everything felt great and the later being a tough run. I finished in 3:53:03, smack dab in the middle of my goal times. Can’t complain about that.
I’m a negative split runner, all about the Bank vs Bonk. The first 6 or 7 miles I always use as a “warm up” and really concentrate on not going too fast. The adrenaline gets going as soon as that start gun goes off and it’s important to rein it in. I had friends, my husband and baby waiting for me around mile 7, which I loved! Always fun to have something to look forward to as you’re running, and family & friends are the best!!!
From mile 7 to mile 16 (after the 59th st bridge), it was all about a little bit quicker pace, but still not too crazy. After the bridge is when I like to open it up a bit, and get the legs moving. Which worked fine until about mile 18 when my left hip started feeling a little sore. Nbd I thought, just keep my pace under control and we’ll make it. Then the last bridge into the Bronx, my right hip jumped on the pain train and I knew the last 6 miles were going to be a struggle. From mile 21 on, I just kept saying to myself “just don’t walk, just don’t walk”. And that’s what I did… I just kept moving and I didn’t walk. Once you give in mentally and decide it’s ok to stop, getting going again is next to impossible. I knew if I didn’t stop moving, I could make it within my goal time and it would be over soon enough. I would look back and think, “Well that wasn’t so bad”, but if I stopped, I would regret it.
I also debated calling my husband as I was running around mile 23, because that’s where I passed him when we ran 2013 together. Because we’re super competitive, he would appreciate that I was in so much pain the same place he was in so much pain two years previously with knee issues. But then I decided I probably would just cry. Then out of no where, halfway into mile 24 in central park, he came up beside me, running along with our baby in the stroller, who was singing and talking away! It totally made my life better! And gave me the extra boost to finish!
When you hit central park south, and physically can’t make your body move any faster, you know you’ve given everything you have to give, and that’s how I felt. I was ready for that finish line, I was ready to see all my friends after and get a burger, fries and a beer, to hug and kiss my family! Marathon #5 is officially in the books!
What I learned:
Marathons are hard – ok, I knew this… but my last marathon went so well, this was a good reminder of how much work and training go into having a great marathon run. Even with all the work put in this time around, it was hard. Like, really hard. Why do so many people do these things!??!
Hills – You can’t fake hill workouts. Yes I pushed a stroller almost every run, but the weight of pushing it doesn’t account for the different form of running up a hill or down a hill. I think this had a major part to play in my hips getting irritated. I did what I could, I have my treadmill, which only goes uphill, but not downhill. I did some hill workouts, but had to drive to get to an area with hills, which was a difficult task.
Problem Areas – they will always be problem areas. For me, it’s my iliotibial band. I didn’t give it enough love and attention this time around. Especially after having a baby. It came back to literally bite me in the ass.
When all else fails – just don’t stop! You will get to that finish line.
NYC Marathon Mile 22

NYC Marathon Mile 22


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