Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Medal

The Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon – Race Recap

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Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Medal

Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon Medal

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half was the largest inaugural half marathon. And nothing was simple for this race. From the start of the wake up time of 4:45 all the way till the end with no phone service and trying to find friends, everything was slightly askew.
Parking Parking in brooklyn sucks, so we used ParkWhiz (which was the app linked to and recommended on the website) to prearrange parking a week early. Then they cancelled our parking reservation last minute and we ended up super far away with the replacement parking they set up. Then there was only one attendent working with a huge line of cars waiting to get in.
Bag Check After walking miles, we finally arrived at bag check, only to find out it was closed! I luckily was the last person to throw my bag onto the truck as they were shutting the door. As I walked away from the truck, seeing the mass of people still looking to check there bags, I felt so sorry for them. The choice of running with your bag or throwing out all your gear you intended to keep. (this was at 7:15, and no where on the website, correct me if I’m wrong, did it state bag check was closing at any time)
Corrals The corrals were a mess of different numbers, which turned into somewhat of a mess for the first 4 miles of slow and fast people trying to mesh together. I finally felt I could stop dashing around people at mile 5. Plus the sun was just coming up, so add that into your eyes as you dash around people, made for tricky conditions.
Phone Service No service at the finish, took hours to find people. This one I planned for, we had a meetup point already selected, and it wasn’t RnR’s fault. I’m just including it here because it was annoying.
With those listed, what went right?
The race course was great! The volunteers were helpful and nice, the stations were well manned and large (no one likes one table of water and having to stop and fight around people). The band and the end rocked and there was beer (which we unfortunatley didn’t stick around for).
Overall the race was awesome, the little annoyances were just that, annoyances. But in the end, everyone is there to run and I had a great race. It was no PR, but it’s not that far off. And for doing severly limited speed work, and all my tempo runs with a stroller, I haven’t run this fast in 2 years. So I am happy, my legs are tired and there’s a smile on my face 🙂
RnR Half Marathon Race Results
Race Results:

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