Runner Portraits

To follow up my last post, with my time being spent less and less pounding the pavement and logging miles, and more with side projects and artwork…. I’ve been working on my digital painting skills. It’s easy enough to find cool pics of actors and celebrities to draw, but why should they get all the attention? Around here we like to focus on strong women who run, and from that idea came the “Runner Portrait” series! These were created to practice my skills, so certain aspects of them could use some work, but they were fun to do and I thought I’d share with you all. I’ll continue to hone my skills and post more works as they are created. Enjoy!


Lauren Fleshman Animated GIF

Kate Grace Animated GIF


Kara Goucher Digital Painting

Kara Goucher

Shalane Flanagan Digital Painting

Shalane Flanagan

Brenda Martinez Digital Painting

Brenda Martinez

Aysha Mirza Digital Painting

Aysha Mirza

Lauren Fleshman Digital Painting

Lauren Fleshman

FastK8 Digital Painting

Kate Grace (aka FastK8)


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