Runner’s Alphabet

Over the years, I’ve gotten more and more lazy with my artwork. Maybe lazy isn’t the right way to describe it, distracted perhaps? Preoccupied with other things? All of the things that happen when your life takes over and your time is filled up with so many other things. Finally I noticed this void and decided to do something about it. This is the results… Running is one of my favorite hobbies (as you can tell), with that in mind, I combined my drawing practice with my running and came up with the “Runner’s Alphabet”. Not only was it a drawing exercise, it also took some time and creativity to come up with what each letter was going to be. I hope you enjoy!

Runners Alphabet Detail Letter F, Runner's Alphabet, Marathon Cup Cleanup Detail Letter L, Runner's Alphabet, Saucony Sneaker Detail Letter A, Runner's Alphabet, Trail Run Detail Letter D, Runner's Alphabet, GU Energy Gel Runner's Alphabet

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