Curried Lentil and Rice Salad

2T fresh lemon juice
3T balsamic vinegar
1T honey
1 1/2T curry powder
1/2T cumin
1/4 cup olive oil

1c lentils
1c brown rice
2 roasted red peppers diced (fresh red peppers work equally well, if not better)
4 scallions sliced thin
6 dried apricots soaked in hot water, 30 min, cut into small strips
1c fresh cilantro leaves

shredded chicken breast (optional)

Mix salad ingredients in large bowl, top with dressing and mix in. I add chicken breast and topped a bed of romaine with this mixture and it’s great for dinner. This is also great to make the day before (salad ingredients in one bowl, dressing in another) and mix right before eating for a quick dinner option or to bring as a side to a party.

curry lentil rice salad dressingcurry lentil rice salad spices curry lentil rice salad ingredients Curry Lentil Rice Salad



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