Alysia Montano Running Pregnant

Alysia Montano takes on the 800 while 34 weeks pregnant, and it’s wonderful!

I don’t care what anyone says, this is freaking awesome!

Alysia Montano Running Pregnant

“I just wanted to do what my heart and my desire wanted to do.”


I’m sure we’ll see all sorts of opinions on her running while pregnant, like the CrossFit woman who lifted while preggers and everyone and their mother came out of the woodwork to comment. Everyone seems to love having opinions on other peoples lives and bodies. From my point of view, Kudos! I’ve followed Alysia on Instagram from before her pregnancy announcement and have seen all her training posts as her belly grew. As a runner or an athlete in general, woman have to worry about pregnancy and what it does to their bodies and how it will change their lives. If you’re anything like me or a lot of my friends, it’s a baggage you carry with you. Worrying about all that time you’ll have to take off, the changes that your body will go through and how you’ll have to pause your life.. albeit for a wonderful reason, but still. It’s a massive change and it’s something guys don’t ever have to worry about, think about or will ever understand.

Having someone like Alysia keep on keepin’ on while she’s 34 weeks pregnant is amazing! Not that everyone will have the same type of pregnancy (she had approval from her doctor) or the ability to keep up to her activity level, but it’s a great representation of how life can go on just the same. That women’s bodies are amazing and you should always do what you love! I think this is such an inspiration and I’m happy the crowds response was a well deserved standing ovation!


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