Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

Another Brooklyn Half Marathon has come and gone! This is such a great, cool race, that I’m barely allowed to run it. Between the pre-party, the awesome merchandise, the fact that everyone and their mom does it, and the amazing times people post, I’m waiting for them to tell me that, like going gluten free or blending all my food, I’m just not trendy enough to be involved. But until that happens, here’s the fun from this years Brooklyn Half:

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I haven’t been training much in 2014. I’ve had some other significant life events happening, plus the winter was a tundra even for my standards (read, I’m lazy), and my running has been slacking. I did get about a month of training in before this race, and ended up doing a bit better than expected.

The Pre-Party
This is always fun! It’s basically and excuse for people who love to talk about running to all be in the same place to talk about running, and drink beer… oh, and pick up your race packet. But did I mention the beer:

IMG_8736 IMG_8719

Race Day
The only sucky thing about race day is the fact that it starts at 7 am, in Brooklyn…  I luckily had a husband who wasn’t racing and was able to drive, drop me off, and then continue on to a location that would actually have parking. Due to my chauffeur, I must note that I did not deal with the bag check area, which I heard was a bit chaotic. And I feel for those who had to wake up at 3 am to get ready and head to a train to make the commute. Not ideal. But us runners are known to do these types of things.

I thought the porta-potties in the corrals were a great idea, until I was in a huge line that stood still as they opened the corrals and thousands of people tried to push past us. Minus that stressed out moment, everything else went great (and there was no real reason to stress, I’m just known to freak out about being in lines 5 minutes before start). The weather was perfect, the course is so fun, the people cheering are super enthusiastic and take some serious pride in their signs.

I started off a bit faster than what I had planned in my strategy. I took friday off completely from working out and my legs felt nice and rested. Knowing I felt good, I let myself run at a comfortable pace even though it was faster than planned, not pushing it too hard as to not burn out in the end, but not so slow I would regret my run. It was a good comfortable pace and then around mile 9 I finally felt like I started working for it. The lack of long runs and a lot of slow runs were to blame, but I threw a couple of Gu’s down my gullet (mile 7 and 10, the second one was just for fun really), focused on my form and kept cranking away. Finishing with a time of 1:38:12, a 7:30 pace, I was pleased. Not a PR here, but still not bad for where I thought I was at.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.42.35 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 2.43.04 PM

Brooklyn Half Marathon Brooklyn Half Marathon

Post Race
We didn’t have time to stick around long (family party going on), but enough time to have a couple beers. They have electrolytes, right? We headed over the the Coney Island Brewing Co.’s Beer Garden, which was awesome! It wasn’t crowded yet and we ended up talking to a group of other equally awesome runners, the people working from Coney Island Brewing were super fun and nice and it was a perfect way to end a perfect race!

IMG_8773 IMG_8780

More Bling to add to the Collection

More Bling to add to the Collection

Our new friends

Our new friends

Can’t wait till next year!


One thought on “Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

  1. Jason says:

    Nobody has Gu’s just for fun! Great race and I love the pics – running on the boardwalk looks like fun! And post-race beers are always a must 🙂

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