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Hey guys… sorry I’ve been a slacker on my posts lately, you all know how life sometimes has a way of getting busy. To follow up my last post, I wanted to share what I put up for my NYRR Social Reporter. Since Instagram is my fav social media right now, that’s where you’ll find my posts, but here they are in case you don’t follow me there. Questions were about why I want to run the NYC Marathon, the NYC Half, a training tip and why I want to represent NYRR:


I’m running NYC again this year as a “runner”. I know a lot of people may look at what I’ve accomplished and think I could easily be called a runner, but this year will be the first time I’ve felt like I deserved the title. I have put a lot of work into my training and races over the past couple years and running has given back to me in multiples of what I’ve put in. I want to tackle the 2014 NYC Marathon with new confidence and share every step of my journey along the way.


The first time I ran the NYC Half marathon was in 2007, it was my first Half Marathon ever and I’ve been trying to get back into it ever since. I ran a time of 1:46:01 at the age of 24. It holds a special place in my heart because it was my first, I remember the feeling of running through central park, through Time Square with all the people cheering and the music and my heart soaring! Little did I know that this race would kick off years of racing and reignite my love of running.


Training Tip- I ran the 2013 NYC marathon last year and it took me a whole month to come down off the high from it! It was my fourth marathon and my first marathon I ran injury free. The difference making this marathon a success vs the past ones was a combination of paying close attention to my training. And although it wasn’t perfect (let’s be honest, we all have social lives, jobs and families) it was a huge step up from my last 3 marathons. I was a little bit older, I understood my body better and I paid attention to training plans and built one to fit my lifestyle. I put in the extra time and work and crushed my NYC PR by almost AN HOUR, finishing at 3:29:44.


I think having NYRR’s as part of NYC is a wonderful thing. I’ve seen the races grow, from the days I could show up race morning & register, to now, when races have to be planned out months in advance to make sure you can get in. The explosion of people running is remarkable. NYRR has done a terrific job, even throughout tough times, in keeping a meaningful organization running, positive & a place for all levels of competitors. The feeling after a run, the feeling watching other people overcome their struggles, the way everything else in your day goes right after a run, the more NYRR can bring this feeling to others, the better, and I will be here to preach till everyone shuts off their computers, tvs, mobile devices and is out running laps with me!


Wish me luck!


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