Swerve Fitness Class

As part of my new year’s goals… I’m not so much into the whole “resolution” thing, I prefer not to limit myself with just new years resolutions, I like to keep a constant list of goals no matter what time of year… I want to try expanding my workout variety, which includes checking out different classes throughout NYC. I’m a huge fan of indoor cycling classes so when I saw that Swerve Fitness was offering a free class one day, I had to try it out!

First, I love the concept of Swerve, where the room is divided into 3 teams who compete with each other. I have been told that I’m super competitive, so naturally I was drawn to this idea. As soon as I walked into the building, the staff was super welcoming and helpful. I got changed quick, they provide lockers and have a couple showers (perfect if you’re doing a morning class before heading off to work, you’ll be sweating your ass off by the end of class and your coworkers will be thankful). The studio down stairs is filled with Schwin bikes and as soon as you walk in the vibe is there to get you ready to kick some ass.

(None of these pics were taken by me, see the caption for photo credits)

Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good

Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good

Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good

Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good

Our instructor was Tanya, a super enthusiastic woman who played killer music and kept us working through the entire 45 minutes. If all their instructors are as infectious as she is, you can’t go wrong! I didn’t expect the dumbbell workout mid session and those little 3 lb’ers really get heavy after multiple movements (I lift a fair amount, but I felt my shoulders crying out as I put my hair into a ponytail the next morning).

By the end of class I was soaked and my legs were exhausted. My team was constantly in last place, which after 45 minutes was a little discouraging to not be close to the other two teams,  I don’t know who was slacking, but it wasn’t me! This would be awesome with a group of friends or as a corporate thing.

To get an idea of the workout I did, I used my Armour39 heart rate monitor. My heart rate was pretty kick ass through the whole class, only dipping when we did the dumbell workout, which isn’t to say that part of the class was easy, it wasn’t.

Armour39 -  Overview

Armour39 – Overview

Armour39 - Heart rate

Armour39 – Heart rate

Armour39 - Intesity

Armour39 – Intesity

So that’s a brief recap of my first Swerve Fitness class! I didn’t take a pick of my bike monitor when I was done, but I know I ended up riding 14.3 miles and had an output of energy at 413.

I’m sure I’ll be back again, hopefully I will be able to talk some friends into teaming up with me next time!


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