Jingle Bell Jog

I love the Jingle Bell Jog that New York Road Runners puts on every year. Prospect park is a great loop to run, and if you’ve never run a park in NYC/Brooklyn, it’s not as flat as one might expect. It was a cold day, but what else should you expect in December, but the sun was shining and nearly 5,500 other people were willing to tough out the cold, along with their kids and all the spectators.

I’m not one to dress up and run, I tried the first year I did this race, but my reindeer nose caused problems when I tried to breath, which is kind of an important aspect of running, and my antlers kept falling off. That was my first and last attempt at a costumed run, so as no fun as I am, everyone else made up for it!

The race went well, it was my first legit run since the NYC Marathon. Was nice to get my legs moving, even though I couldn’t feel them, my toes or fingers till about mile 3. The perils of standing still in a porta potty line for too long is you get cold…. This race last year I ran a 6:40 pace, this year was a 6:51… For not doing as much speed work as last year, and taking post Marathon Nov to eat, drink & sleep too much, not bad in my overall scheme of things.

So hoping everyone else who got out and ran this weekend had as much fun as I did! I also love that races like this are where a lot of beginner runners come out to join in the fun, even though it makes the races waaay more crowded, it’s a movement that I’m happy to see! Running is something that, even though it’s an individual sport, is incredibly uniting and the teamwork is a thing to love!

Some pics from the day:







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