Runner’s Wishlist

It’s that time of year again, when you start thinking about things you want, people you want to give things to, and all the fun it is to make someone’s day special with a thoughtful gift.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite things, and some things I know I wouldn’t mind getting. The one thing us runner’s love almost as much as running, is running stuff!

For the coffee or tea addicted runner
I wouldn’t mind drinking out of this mug every morning. Adorable!
Etsy: 2ndstop $15

Where the wild things are mug

For your running buddy
LookHuman pt.1 $27

Running Partners

LookHuman pt.2  $27

Running Partners

For your winter weather runner
Growing up on a sheep farm, I can attest to the wonderful things that lanolin does for dry skin & lips. This stuff is the bees knees, I also use it on my knuckles and nose which used to always be dry, cracked and bleeding (gross, I know).

For you playlist loving runner
These babies will stay in your ears through all your runs, in the rain, in the hot sweaty summer, stuck under your hat in winter. They’ve become the only headphones I wear. 
Yurbuds $29.99

For the runner who wears her heart on her sleeve (or around her neck or on her finger)
These are just so simple, so perfect
Erica Sara Designs Ring

Erica Sara Run Ring

Erica Sara Designs Necklace
Erica Sara Run Necklace

For the yogi runner
Especially with the winter weather here, getting some great yoga gear is a perfect thing to keep you motivated and active even when you’re not out running. The Studio Lux line from Under Armour is my favorite. I’ll admit I wear the leggings all the time, to run, to work, even Saturday nights out with a fancy pair of heels!
Women’s UA StudioLux Essential Jacket


Women’s UA StudioLux Leggings


For the foodie runner
All runner’s love to eat!
Runner’s World Cookbook

For the runner you want to hang out with
After miles and miles in the same running gear, there are certain smells that your clothes hang onto. Sometimes you need a specific detergent to get rid of specific lingering smells.
Sports wash 

Sport Wash

Sport Suds

Sport Suds

For your iphone runner
Don’t let them use the “my battery was dead” excuse after a long run listening to music and tracking their run. This will keep them honest.
Keychain Battery Recharger
powerstation reserve micro

Then of course there are the old stand-bys that every runner loves to get (stocking stuffer alert):

Powergels I like these better for running, they’re not as thick as the GUs, which are also good
Gatorade Chews these are my favorites, go orange
BodyGlide you can tell it’s for women because it’s pink
Sunscreen even in the winter there’s sun, expecially if it’s snowy out and all reflecting back up at you, protect your face

and always gift certificates, clothes, entry to races (they’re getting pretty expensive for the big ones)


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