Marathon Countdown – Playlist Time!

Now, we all know that you’re playlist is the most important thing when it comes to Marathon Preparation! And it’s not to be taken lightly. When I run, I enjoy having songs I like, make me happy, and have a decent tempo. I’ve got 2 playlists for the marathon, the first is for the beginning part of the race, when I don’t want anything too fast because I know I’ll end up running to the beat. This allows for everything to be included, yes, that includes some country and some guilty pleasure songs, don’t judge me! I’ve got about 5.5 hours of music on this playlist, I’ll narrow that down a bit before race day, but thought I’d post the long version if anyone wants to pick and chose some songs from it. Below is the list and here is the link to my spotify:

Marathon Playlist 1

The Second playlist is for the last 10 miles, when I know I’m going to be tired. I want to do negative splits, so this playlist is faster and more to zone out and just freggin run. Again, I’ll cut some of these songs out, but here’s the long version: 

Marathon Playlist 2

Do you have any go to songs that you’re loving on your playlists right now? Share them, I’m always looking for some new, great tunes!!!


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