Marathon Countdown – Setting Goals

Like a lot of you, I like to set goals for myself when it comes to my running. I think having goals are super important, they give focus to anything you do, motivate you, and are important in making you become the runner you want to be.

For the Marathon, I have a couple… a range really, of goals. I like to break it down to 3 things:

Goal #1: Run a sub 3:30
If all goes as planned, if my training pays off the way I hope it does, this is the goal I want to reach. This is what I’m shooting for, what my sites are set on.

Goal #2: Run sub 4 hour
I’d be happy with this. If goal #1 doesn’t happen, I’d be happy with this.

Goal #3: Get a PR (which would be a sub 4:21:39)
Any race you get a PR in is a good day!

With all the time spent training and the hard work put into getting ready for a marathon, the last thing I would want is to set a lofty goal for myself, then not reach it and be broken hearted. A marathon is a lot of both physical and emotional work/pain, and no matter what the outcome of my actual race time is, I want to be proud of myself. So with having a range of goals, I have more than one chance to run a race I’m happy with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m shooting for Goal #1! But if for some reason the stars don’t align for me, I know I’ll come through pleased with the results and without any regrets.

How do you guys set race goals? Are you as neurotic as me?


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