Cazenovia Triathlon Recap – Olympic Distance

My first Olympic Distance Tri is done!!! A quick recap

Triathlon Done - Group Shot

Triathlon Done – Group Shot

At the early hour of 5 am, our alarms went off on triathlon morning! With some coffee, oatmeal and bagels in our bellies, we loaded up the car and headed to the the Cazenovia Triathlon.

Better not forget anything!

Better not forget anything!

Looking towards the lake from the transition area

Looking towards the lake from the transition area

I didn’t realize we had to be out of the transition area 30 minutes before the race started, the 2 sprint tri’s I did last summer, you could hang out in the transition area and set up right up till it was go time. As I totally rushed around to set things up, my stress level increasing, I got everything done in time and down to the water ready to go.

Marked and ready to go

Marked and ready to go

Turns out I really need swim lessons. Like really, really, need swim lessons. I didn’t almost drowned, or anything like that, but I was second to last on the swim (I thought I was dead last till the results were posted online and saw that there was one girl who finished behind me). I had the canoe following me in, that’s how far behind I was. It’s not that I dislike swimming, I’m just really bad at it. I could have swam another lap if I needed, it just would have taken me hours to do so. I blame genetics, my family is, for the most part, land lovers. So I really can’t be blamed.  In fact I learned to swim for my first Sprint Triathlon last year. So, for being a self taught, bird armed, sad excuse for a triathlete, not too shabby. But since I won’t settle for that, swim lessons it is!

After muddling my way through Cazenovia Lake and around the buoys, it was nice to be out of the water and headed into the transition area. No problems here, the run to the transition was long, so I had time to take off everything, goggles, swim cap, ear plugs out, wetsuit top off (I have a 2 piece wetsuit and only wore the top half), and ended up carrying it for most of the run to the transition. Dropped it and grabbed my bike gear. Only thing, which I would find out later, was as I pulled on my shirt, the safety pins to my bib unhooked. 2 of the 4 safety pins were open and ready to poke me as I climbed that first hill on the bike… like there wasn’t enough pain in my life that morning.

Bib number with the naughty safety pins

Bib number with the naughty safety pins

The ride was Gorgeous! Hilly, but through a beautiful area (thank goodness for those weekends up at Hunter Mountain biking some serious hills, paid off big time here). Knowing I did so poorly on the swim, I wasn’t allowing myself any slack on the bike ride. Getting on my bike, I kept looking for people in front of me and slowly trying to work my way up on them. Having the Sprint and the Olympic distances both doing the same loop, I wasn’t sure who was who as I rode, but I pushed along, powering best I could up the hills, cranking down them, through cornfields and sheep farms. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to ride.

After the second loop of the ride, heading back to the transition area, I mentally prepared myself for the run, cause we all know that that part effing hurts! And even after my last post about Tips for a Triathlon, I didn’t follow my own advice and totally missed my spot as I went in. After some running around, I found my sneakers, and a big Thank You to the staff  that was there, she was an awesome help as I ran around frantically. After some wasted time, it was out onto the road for a run.

The run was hilly! More so than what was expected, a change in the course that we weren’t aware of added some extra hills, but at that point, all you can do is run them. This far into the race, it’s hard to make up distance on a run after 2 hours if people are very far ahead. The run was out and back, so I at least could see who was in front of me as they looped back past. The first two girls were way out there, rock on ladies! As I counted, 1… 2… 3, 4, 5, 6… I’m thinking to myself, ok top 10. That’s not bad from last on the swim, and I always try to chase down at least one girl. So as I passed the girl in front of me as she looped back, I wasn’t sure if I could make up the distance, but I made up my mind to try. I slowly closed the gap, and with the belief that running is my “thing”, I did my best to zone out and focused on my form and let me legs go.

Finishing 6th place (out of 25) and 1st in my age group (out of 4) and not drowning, It was a good first time Olympic Triathlon for me! Full Results Here

I’d also like to say that it was a superbly run event! The staff was amazing, nice and helpful. It started a little bit late due to a power line down and people having a delay getting to the start, but it wasn’t much later than the original time, and once we started it was well organized. And the food after was awesome! Pasta with meatballs! Ice Cream! Chocolate milk! Kudos to everyone who helped put this event on, I definitely would do this race again and recommend it to anyone looking for an event.

Driving Home - Amazing Day!

Driving Home – Amazing Day!

Bib and Medal

Bib and Medal


Post race reward! Tasted sooooo good after all that hard work

Post race reward! Tasted sooooo good after all that hard work


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