Party With Purpose 5k in Hoboken

Another great race put on again this year by Party with Purpose, a 100% volunteer based, not-for-profit organization founded on the concept of producing great events to raise money for charities and bring the community together. It never fails that the race always falls on the hottest time of the year, thank goodness for the beer, band and pizza afterward!

Sweaty post race photos are the Besssst!

Sweaty post race photos are the Besssst!

Post Race pic!

Post Race pic!

The first time I did this race was back in 2011, which is when I got trampled to the ground… Long story short, some grown man who I can only guess was pretending to be a 5 year old at his first race showing off for mom and dad, came out of mid pack sprinting like people were obstacles and on his collision course, proceeded to trip me and push me full speed into the pavement. After laying on the ground for a bit, I got up and continued my painful run, only later to find out I had a torn PCL (which apparently is a rare thing, especially for runners… they call it the “Dashboard injury” because it happens in car accidents). But I digress…


I always like to do this race as a reminder of how much I actually love to run. Not going for a run is much different than not being able to run, after much physical therapy and some serious rest time, I was the happiest runner out there. Doing laps of Central Park, signing to myself, reminded that this is something I truly love and it makes me insanely happy.

This year was another wonderful race, I look forward to this race every year. Its a wonderful, fun organization that puts it on, the people are amazing and I’m so happy to be part of it all. The course has a gorgeous view of the NYC Skyline and I know a lot of people who work the event, which it’s always nice to hear your name being shouted as you come across the finish line! A flat course is also always nice 🙂 I’m already looking forward to sweating my butt off at this event next year, and a big THANK YOU to PWP for all they do and a wonderful event! Not a PR run, but happy with a 20:39 (about a second off my PR). I have been focusing on longer runs and not doing any speed work(barf) so pleased with my time.

Not a bad view to run a 5k to

Not a bad view to run a 5k to

After the race the band was awesome, the beer cold and delicious and the antics silly and fun! Can’t wait till next year!



Run ruuuuun

Run ruuuuun


Photo from the Course

Photo from the Course by Anthony S. Torres



2 thoughts on “Party With Purpose 5k in Hoboken

    • MissFitzNYC says:

      SO hot, but I always have so much fun at it 🙂 And silver lining, I really appreciate every run now… being injured will do that, and I probably wouldn’t love it so so much if it hadn’t been taken away!

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