My Favorite Workout Apps

I’ll be the first to admit, one of my favorite things about the iPhone is all the apps! I’ve got a handful that I love and have been using for a while for my workouts, here’s a list of my go-to apps…


1. Nike Running App

The app now does gps, so you get your splits, a map of your run, calories (this I’m always skeptical no matter what site), ability to easily share your runs on social media, it lets you compare runs against other people who do the same loops (although there’s a better app for this below if you keep reading). You can add friends, and easy to upload to and use the website.

I’ve been using the nike+ site for years, since 2007 when I logged my first run. First with the foot pedometer, now with the app and my ipod. I love that it’s kept all my runs since that first pedometer run and I can go back and look at my progress. And even though I didn’t use it religiously back in the day, it’s still a great record.

Nike+ App

2. Strava Run

Strava does essentially the same thing as the Nike+ app, but has some other cool features. I typically have both going as I do my runs. This tracks your runs with gps, creates a map, does your splits, calories, allows you to add and follow friends, and it also shows you how you rank against others over certain areas of your running routes. You don’t have to run the whole loop and compare only to people who ran the same route. Strava breaks up your run and compares segments of your previous runs to yourself and to others, which makes this a great, fun, competitive way to do your runs! It also allows you to join challenges and see how you compare to other Strava users. Great app, and this is just the Free version!

Click here to go to the app

Strava Run



1. Strava Cycling

I came across Strava thanks to some Tour De France commercials, immediately downloaded it as I sat on the couch watching, and used it the next day… have been using it ever since. Does much of the same thing as the Strava Run app, distance, speed, elevation gained, calories burned, map, add friends and compare, easily share on social media, motivational challenges. You can upgrade to the premium, which I will do one day, but this is another great free app!

Click here to go to the app

Strava Cycling

2. Map My Ride

Since I usually have 2 apps running (just in case one drops and I like to compare the differences, if any, in what feedback they give me), Map My Ride is my second cycling app. The free version is along the same lines as Strava, duration, distance, speed, calories and splits. You can add friends and it will break up your route details and give you PR’s and course leaders. I do like how it gives you audio alerts, I like to hear my average pace 🙂

Click here to go to the app

Map My Ride


1. Nike Training Club

I think this app is great if you’re traveling or need something different with little equipment. Most exercises you only need a 15 or 20 lbs weights or a medicine ball. You can go through and chose your workouts, and the more time you spend working out, the more bonus workouts you unlock.

Click here to go to the app


2. Armour39

Thanks to Under Armour for sending me their brand spanking new monitor! Read my full post about it here. I wish it had an website to upload the info to with a social aspect to it, but hoping that will be part of V2.

Click here to go to the app


3. FitRadio

For when I’m sick of my Spotify or iTunes playlist, this is a great app that streams dj style music to keep your butt moving.

Click here to go to the app


Anyone have other favorite apps? Let me know what you love to use and widen my horizon 🙂


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