One of the great things about winning Round 2 of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge is the opportunity to share some of their new products. To my surprise, I got their Heart rate Monitoring system in the mail the other day: Under Armour – Armour39 video

A great letter from Under Armour

A great letter from Under Armour

Armour39 Welcome Box

Armour39 Info Box

I’ve never really gotten into the heartrate monitors, really just because it was another thing to worry about. But now that I have one, I’ve uber excited to use it.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 3.07.23 PM

There is a watch (not included in my box) and an app to download, since I usually use my phone for all things, music, gps, etc. I always have it on me when I work out, or at lease within an arms reach. And I’m not a huge fan of the bulky gps watches, so I love the app option. With the monitor strapped around my chest (just like all other traditional heart rate monitors) I was ready to see how this thing worked.

Armour39 Chest strap

I wore it for my Thursday morning workout, which is a 45 min spin class followed by a 60 min pilates class. Here are the results:

Screen Grabs

Screen Grabs

The monitor measures average heart rate, intensity, duration and calories burned, it also measures your Willpower, which is based on your specific settings and gets increasingly harder to move as you reach 10.


Overall I’m super excited to use this, and I’m not ashamed to say I think it’s mostly because of the app. I love the way it tracks my willpower (no one tells me I’m being a wimp, even if it is an “intensity” percent on an app), and the easy visuals of the app. And the only thing it is lacking is gps, but I have so many apps that do gps on my phone (strava, map my run, nike running,etc) that I don’t really miss it. I do recommend some BodyGlide under it if you use it to run, it’s a little stiff and you’ll thank me for it.

This is not something that counts your steps, mind you, this is more serious than that. I don’t need a pedometer (I walk plenty, and run more) but if you’re going for a serious workout and want to know how hard you’re actually working, this is more your speed. It’s been compared to the Nike Fuelband, which I also have, but I believe they are two totally different animals. I wear my Fuelband everywhere, I’ve got my daily goals, and a walk around the block helps me reach those. A walk around the block on the Armour39 would do nothing, my heart rate wouldn’t change. So while I see the Fuelband as a movement fueled device, the Armour39 is much more specific and in tune to the energy I excert. I’ve also heard the strap is a little thicker than people would like, meh, I shove it up under my sportsbra and don’t even notice it. Also, the little logo on the front lights up, so I totally feel like Iron Man…

I feel if anything makes your workouts better, makes you work harder, or makes them more fun… there’s nothing wrong with that. This is definitely something that will get my sometimes lazy but up and moving a little more.



Armour39 App

Armour39 App



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