UA What’s Beautiful Competition

I get a lot of questions about what I’m doing with Under Armour, so here’s the lowdown:


Back in April 2012, UA Women came up with a social media campaign (this Under Armour presents What’s Beautiful video will explain it). I came across it on facebook or twitter, honestly I don’t remember where exactly, but I thought, hell, why not? And my journey began with my goal of doing a Sprint Triathlon! I set other milestones along the way, but that was my main carrot to chase, and for me, who has no swimming skills whatsoever and just got a bike, it was a good one.

It’s always nerve racking putting yourself out there, and my first couple posts were stressful. As I went along, I become mildly less self conscious about it, tracking my goals reached and my training. You can view my profile here.

UAWB Profile

So round 1 came and went, and I wasn’t the top 10… waaahhhh wah. But then there was Round 2, and damn it if I was going to give up. So I started another goal and another round of posts, I’ll save you all the details, you can pretty much track what I was doing on my profile.

Not paying much attention or getting my hopes up for Round 2, I was Totally surprised to be part of the top 10 winners that all got to go down to Florida. But that’s another post 🙂


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