Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington D.C.

I’ve been to DC a couple times, but it’s been on my running list lately (I think I’ve been watching way too much Scandal… just kidding, there’s no such this as too much Scandal), so I applied to the lottery when it came out. And such is my luck with lotteries, I NEVER get in. Literally, I never have. So imagine my surprise when Nike sent around their “Second Chance” email saying I could run!

Baltimore Bridge

The hubby and I had his cousins wedding in Baltimore the Friday before the race, so we drove down Friday afternoon, got all dressed up and danced the night away, cocktails (pluralized mind you) in hand and had a wonderful night celebrating with the gorgeous couple. With a wonderful wedding behind us, Saturday was filled with hangovers, coffees and some competitive card playing, and then off to DC.

 I’ve heard picking up numbers was much better on Thursday and Friday, because Saturday was crowded and super swarm towns. Although the line was ginormous, it moved fast enough, then spent some time at the expo tent and off to the hotel and to a much later than I’d have preferred.

the LineNike Half SignNumber 10586

Finally Sunday morning, 5 am rolled around. I was up eating my cold oatmeal outta a hotel bar glass with my fingers (coulda planned this one better) and thinking I better pass someplace on my way to the start that was open and selling coffee (I did pass a McD’s thank the lord). So a little sleepy eyed and lacking my usual preparation, I stepped into my starting corral.

Time Corral Start Corral

Being so soon after Boston, as well as being in the Nations capitol, I gotta say this was a super special moment for me, a little bit nervous and a little bit emotional. The run was absolutely amazing, the weather perfect, the course flat, I think I’m in love. I would run this every day if I could. Running towards the capital as you go through the start gate with happy cheering women all around you, defiantly an experience!

Capital Start Race

Joan Benoi Samuelson and Shalane Flanagan were also there to run. Shalane making running look flawless and easy. My favorite part of the race was as I crossed the finish line I got a High Five from Shalane and Joan. Literally, best part.

This race is going on my to do list for all my years to come! The course was flat, the scenery beautiful, and the weather perfect. The end corrals got crowded once all the finishers started coming in, but not a serious defect. I only wish Nike opted to do photos of the race, that was one downer I wish I had known about, I would have taken more along the route.


Oh, and then there’s the medal I get to wear everyday:

 Tiffany's NWM Necklace

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